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XXL dog beef plates are specially designed for large dogs.

Delicious, they offer a multitude of benefits for our canine friends. Here is a detailed description of these benefits:


- Rich in protein: XXL Beef Plates for Dogs are an excellent source of high-quality protein, essential for muscle development, tissue health and the overall proper functioning of your dog's body.


- Low in Fat: Although high in protein, these treats are generally low in fat, making them an ideal option for dogs who need to control their weight or have digestive sensitivities.


- Contribute to good dental health: Chewing XXL Beef Plates can help remove plaque and tartar, which promotes good oral hygiene and prevents dental problems such as gingivitis and the formation of cavities.


- Natural source of nutrients: XXL beef plates for dogs are made from high quality beef, which means they naturally contain essential vitamins and minerals like iron, zinc and vitamin B12, beneficial to your dog's overall health.


- Mental stimulation and occupation: The process of chewing the XXL beef plates can provide mental stimulation for your dog and keep them occupied for a while, which can be beneficial for their emotional well-being, especially if left alone for long periods.


- Training Reward: Due to their palatability and generous size, XXL Beef Plates are often used as a reward during training or training, helping to reinforce positive behaviors and motivate your dog to learn new tricks or commands.


In summary, XXL beef plates for dogs offer a multitude of benefits, from dental health and balanced nutrition to mental stimulation and occupation. They are a great option for dog owners concerned about the health and well-being of their pet.


Packaging: unit.

XXL beef skin plate for dogs

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2,73 €Sale Price

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    • Country of manufacture: Germany
    • Length: between 10 and 25 cm
    • Width: Between 8 and 20 cm
    • Odor: weak
    • Fat content: low
    • Texture: hard
    • Crude protein 91.0%
    • Crude fat 6.0%
    • Raw ash 0.90%
    • Humidity 6.0%
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