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Pig noses for dogs are popular, natural treats made from real dehydrated pig noses.


They offer a durable and crunchy texture, ideal for dental health by encouraging chewing.

High in protein and low in fat, they are a healthy and tasty reward for puppies and dogs of all sizes.

These treats are popular for their naturally palatable taste and ability to keep dogs occupied and entertained while promoting good dental hygiene.

Blown pig noses

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Friandises à - 30%

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    • Country of manufacture: Germany
    • Length: approx. 8-10cm
    • Width: approx. 5-7 cm
    • Odor: weak
    • Fat content: low
    • Texture: soft
    • Snack duration: short
    • 100% pork
    • Crude protein 69%
    • Crude fat 8%%
    • Raw ashes 2%%
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