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The LickiMat Wobble is more than just a dog toy, it's a smart way to calm, entertain and feed your faithful four-legged friend. This innovative product offers a multitude of benefits for dogs of all sizes.


The LickiMat Wobble helps reduce anxiety, boredom and destructive behaviors.

It is designed to soothe your dog by allowing him to enjoy his favorite treats. It is also a great alternative to the search mat, promoting calm behavior even in stressful situations like thunderstorms, fireworks or visits to the veterinarian.


The LickiMat Wobble's "Challenge-Reward-Fun" concept adds a fun dimension to your dog's diet. It encourages your dog to lick the treat or food to be rewarded, thereby slowing down the eating process and prolonging the pleasure while controlling calorie intake.


Additionally, the textured surfaces of the LickiMat promote pleasant licking for dogs of all sizes. This generates saliva which protects your pet's teeth and gums, improving digestion and ensuring fresher breath.


The LickiMat allows you to serve a variety of healthy treats, such as yogurt, peanut butter, purees and more, contributing to a healthier diet and longer duration of satisfaction.


Finally, the LickiMat Wobble can be used for slower, healthier eating, reducing bloating and improving digestion. It is also an ideal alternative to traditional bowls, allowing different types of food to be served without mess.

LickiMat Wobble

    • Country of the brand: Australia
    • Dimensions: 17 x 17 x 8 cm
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