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The Slodog LickiMat is an ingenious tool that makes your dog's meals more fun, interactive and beneficial for his health.

Designed to slow down eating, this mat is an ideal solution for dogs who gobble their food quickly.


With its unique textured design, the Slodog allows you to disperse your dog's food across its surface. Your dog then has to use his tongue to lick the food through the slits, which significantly slows down the eating process.

This promotes better digestion, reduces the risk of bloating and regurgitation, and helps maintain a healthy body weight.


The Slodog is also a great option for overweight dogs because it forces them to eat more slowly, which can help with weight management.

Additionally, the licking process stimulates saliva production, which promotes oral health by removing food residue.


Easy to clean and made from food grade materials, the Slodog is a practical solution to improve your dog's life while looking after their health.

Give him an interactive and beneficial mealtime experience with the LickiMat Slodog.

LickiMat Slodog

    • Country of the brand: Australia
    • Dimensions: 29.5 x 22 cm
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