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The LickiMat Felix is an ingenious product designed to provide a fun and stimulating mealtime experience for your cat while supporting their mental and oral health.


This textured rug is specially designed for felines and is a perfect way to entertain them while they eat.

You can use the LickiMat Felix to spread foods such as cat food, yogurt, or cat-approved treats. The textured pattern encourages your cat to lick gently, stimulating their tongue and generating saliva. This promotes better digestion and fresher breath.


Plus, the LickiMat Felix is a great way to slow down your cat's eating. The constant licking required to retrieve the food hidden in the textures of the mat extends the duration of his meal, reducing the risk of bloating and improving digestion.


This mat is easy to clean and is made from pet-safe materials. Give your cat a fun, interactive dining experience with the LickiMat Felix, a perfect way to take care of their health while entertaining them.

LickiMat Felix

    • Country of the brand: Australia
    • Dimensions: 22 x 15 cm
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