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It was on a sunny spring morning that we found this little tempura shrimp on the edge of town.

She was taken in by Foxy, the town mayor. No one was able to explain where this orange color came from or even this frying that surrounded it... The whole town had its own assumptions: the result of a scientific experiment? A shrimp born too close to a nuclear power plant? Or just a fast food groupie?


A mystery that we cannot solve, since the sweet girl has total amnesia. The only information the mayor was able to gather was her first name: Josette, written on the label of her coat.


The more we progressed in the research, the more the shrimp became an insoluble enigma.


The conspiracy theorists are waking up... Is she a Russian spy? Or.... A Japanese spy disguised as a Russian to cover her tracks?


We ultimately discovered after months of research that Gaston, our squinty chameleon, had accidentally and simply hit it, thinking that it was a speed bump... (Because yes to Yaniland all speed bumps are orange..)


Because of the shock, the poor thing will never regain her memory.

Josette the shrimp

PriceFrom €10.00
    • Country of manufacture: France
    • Created by Yani Créations
    • Smell: valerian
    • Dimensions:
    • Size Small: approx. 15cm
    • Large Size: approx. 20cm
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