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Treats/kibbles made exclusively from raw ocean fish, without any additives or appetizing agents.


After cutting, the fresh fish is freeze-dried, that is to say the water is extracted by a physical process called sublimation.

The particularity of this process is that it does not alter the nutrients contained in the food. Thus, the cat regains the possibility of eating raw and fresh food, since the absence of water freezes the aging process.


30g bag equivalent to approximately 120g of fresh fish.

Grain-free, suitable for feeding sterilized cats


How to give Sally & Cie treats/kibbles?

- As dry food: in a bowl or bowl, to be given as treats or kibble

- For wet food: in a bowl, put 3 times the weight of the treats in lukewarm water. Let it sit for 3 minutes and enjoy!

Julienne fillet - Treats for cats

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