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Salmon Sticks for Puppies and Dogs are made from 96% salmon and 4% tapioca, making them perfect as treats.


Due to their not too hard consistency, the salmon sticks can also be easily broken and used optimally as a reward after a training session.


As these are natural chews, their shape, color, size and weight may differ.


Sold in bags of 100g.

Salmon sticks (100g)

€6.99 Regular Price
4,90 €Sale Price

Friandises à - 30%

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    • Country of manufacture: Germany
    • Dimensions: Between 12 and 18 cm
    • Odor: weak
    • Fat content: medium
    • Texture: medium hard
    • Crude protein 50.5%
    • Crude fat 32.4%
    • Raw ashes 8.4%
    • Humidity 7.4%
    • Composition: 96% salmon, 4% tapioca
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