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The chewing stick is made of coffee wood.

The big advantage of chewing sticks is that they do not break and are very sturdy.

Your dog or puppy can chew it to their heart's content without the stick breaking into small pieces in no time!

Over time, the chew stick will become a little smaller, as the finer areas are gradually chewed or shredded.


Different sizes:

S = 40-100g (suitable for dogs up to 10kg)

M= 170-260g (suitable for dogs up to 20kg)

L= 360-770g (suitable for dogs over 20kg)



Each chew stick is a unique, handcrafted piece.

Deviations in size and shape (also in individual size classifications) are therefore a desirable quality characteristic.

Basically, the size of the chew stick should be matched to the dog's bite force.

Coffee wooden stick for dog

PriceFrom €10.99
    • Country of manufacture: Germany
    • Dimensions: Variable depending on size
    • Weight: Variable depending on size
  • Since Truman tested this piece of coffee wood, he can't live without it!

    Between this wood and the deer antler, Truman has something to chew on happily, whenever he wants.

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